Continuing Miss Battle's dedication to serving Nashville families.

A Nashville Legacy

The oldest childcare center in Middle Tennessee, our organization began in 1891 when Miss Fannie Battle, a teacher and social worker, saw a need in our community. Children were left alone to roam the streets while their parents went to work. She rented a room in Nashville and began caring for these children by clothing, feeding, education, and even obtaining much needed medical attention.

Today, we remain committed to serving Nashville families in need by providing accessible and affordable high-quality childcare, as well as services and programs to empower families to reach their fullest potential. We continue to develop innovative solutions to expand our capacity to support our rapidly growing community.


1890 - Fresh Air Camp

Miss Fannie Battle opened a summer camp known as the “Fresh Air Camp” at Craggie Hope, TN, which created a pleasant, healthy vacation, and convalescence facility for impoverished mothers and their children.

1891 - Addison Avenue Day Home

Miss Fannie Battle founds the Addison Avenue Day Home.

1916 - Caroling for Kids

Volunteers created the first Caroling for Kids: A Candle in the Window – A Carol at the Door.

1924 - Fannie Battle Day Home

Addison Ave Day Home was renamed to Fannie Battle Day Home after the passing of Miss Battle.

1958 - Shelby Ave Breaks Ground

Shelby Avenue location allowed for expansion of services for children ages six to 12 years old.

1980 - The Legacy of Fannie Battle

Fannie Battle Social Workers published The Legacy of Fannie Battle by Sara S. Morrow

1991 - A Century of Commitment

Fannie Battle Day Home celebrates its 100th year of service to Nashville families

2011 - New Home on Chapel Ave

Purchase of new center on Chapel Avenue allowed for significant increase to the number of children served.

2013 - Yum!East Food Tasting Event

Created the 1st Annual Yum!East fundraiser, showcasing the best eats in East Nashville