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Partner Highlight: Jackson National Life Insurance Company

Partner Highlight: Jackson National Life Insurance Company

By Ronald Gooch in General on January 6, 2022

Partner Highlight: Jackson National Life Insurance Company

At the forefront of all partnerships is the mission — the reason behind commitment. It can fuel the rejuvenation of a community and represent hope for a family, single mom, young child or even the elderly who may be looking for a second chance.

For 130 years Fannie Battle Day Home for Children has served families and children in the Nashville area by offering very safe, high-quality childcare and continuing to cultivate partnerships that support this mission. These are partnerships that run deeper than merely meeting donation quotas or simply repeating past commitments. Fannie Battle’s partnership with Jackson throughout 2021 is one of these deep, enduring, strong partnerships.

The past year has been yet another test for businesses, nonprofit organizations and especially the childcare industry. Fannie Battle’s struggles are like everyone else’s, but we were able to rise above them thanks to amazing partnerships like the one we have with Jackson. Their financial contribution as an annual corporate Caterpillar level sponsor helped sustain us in a year in which we had to go virtual with YUM East, one of our largest fundraisers, and sacrifice in-person contact with many of our supporters. Jackson’s funding allowed us to direct dollars where they were needed most for our operations and enhance other fundraising activities, like Big Payback. However, our partnership with Jackson transcends the monetary. For instance, Jackson’s own Chardae Hawley-Giddens, the company’s agile product director, has been a welcome addition to serve on our board of directors and has infused diversity, energy and expertise to help us grow and enhance our operations. In addition, numerous Jackson representatives have demonstrated a genuine interest in our organization’s needs and a willingness to help us achieve our goals.

For a small nonprofit like ours, Jackson’s open communication and clear desire to help us thrive has been indispensable in supporting our mission to provide vital services to families in need. This year, as in years past, we had the amazing opportunity to give gifts during this holiday season to the children at our facility! Jackson helped us pioneer an efficient new process for this beloved tradition that surprised and blessed our children and will benefit kids here for many years to come. For this we are thankful.

“The Jackson Enterprise Technology department partnered with our Corporate Philanthropy team to provide gifts for 85 children this year,” Hawley-Giddens said.  “I’m grateful that we have this opportunity to help spread joy to families this holiday season during an especially difficult time for many.”

Grant proposals, sponsorship and volunteer involvement all come with a high level of commitment and communication. Our experience this year has been very seamless and clear regarding expectations and outcomes. Our team at Fannie Battle is extremely grateful for how committed everyone at Jackson — including Corporate Philanthropy Manager Niya Moon —have been to our success. Cheers to continued collaboration between Jackson and Fannie Battle in 2022 and beyond!