Our Impact on Our Community

Paving the way for a bright future

Providing affordable and accessible care for all families

For over 130 years, Fannie Battle Day Home has provided affordable, high-quality care to working families in Nashville. Globally, the demand for care grows exponentially. With high-quality care, children, especially those living in low-income communities, receive essential building block needed to be strong and successful learners. With affordable and reliable care, parents and caregivers can work, or further their education, to provide and empowering environment for their family to flourish. With accessible and dependable care, the U.S. economy can avoid billions lost due to increased productivity and revenue; allowing for economic growth and employers are able to retain highly-skilled employees.

The issue facing our community

As the city of Nashville continues to experience a surge in economic growth and prosperity, many Nashvillians face challenges to keep up with the increasing costs of living in a city they call home. On a daily basis, many working families and single parents, in Nashville, are forced to make difficult choices between paying for rent, childcare, and other necessities like food, clothing, and medical care. The availability of space for children continues to diminish as centers close and the population skyrockets. When parents opt for alternative options, such as relying on a family member or a babysitter for care, the likelihood of instability in care increases, thus impacting the bottom line for both families and employers.

Our Partners

Dollar Gen
United Way of Metro Nashville
The Community Foundation of Mid TN
Cal Turner
Joe C Davis
Frist Foundation
First Horizon Fund
Memorial Foundation
Jackson National
Martha O’Bryan
Boedecker Foundation
American Family Insurance Fnd
HCA Foundation
Evans Glass Co
Core Civic Foundation