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Investing in Fannie Battle Teachers – Cathey & Wilford Fuqua

Investing in Fannie Battle Teachers – Cathey & Wilford Fuqua

By Ronald Gooch in General on April 15, 2022

Investing in Fannie Battle Teachers – Cathey & Wilford Fuqua – Blog

Leadership, ultimately is not about how long something lasts however the impact that it makes day after day, year after year, generation after generation. At Fannie Battle for 131 years, we have made it our mission to serve the families and children in the Nashville area by offering high-quality, affordable childcare. To make that possible, we constantly search for partners who believe in and support our mission.

For generations, the spirit of Miss Fannie Battle has exemplified what this mission looks like when put into action, not only in spirit but with very gracious actions of our partners, many of whom have been involved for decades and often several generations. Partners like Cathey and Wilford Fuqua, who embody how important exemplary leadership is to organizations like ours.

For decades, the Fuquas, have been dedicated to ensuring that families in the Nashville community are properly served at all levels. Cathey, a former Fannie Battle Board President, who also has a background in non-profit development, has been there for Fannie Battle. Whether it be supporting our fundraising efforts or in service as a volunteer, Fannie Battle has played an important role in their community involvement.

For many organizations like Fannie Battle, we are constantly looking for ways to strengthen our commitment to serve children and families. This year our brainstorming was aided by a generous gift from the Fuquas. Cathey & Wilford visited us last fall to catch up after several years away due to the pandemic. During their visit, they recognized that early childhood education teachers are often overlooked despite the critical role they play in the lives of children and families and decided to do what they can to change this situation. Their goal is to encourage others to give by offering a match for gifts made to our Spring – Candle of Hope Annual Campaign.  Gifts will be matched up to a total of $15,000! Our mission to empower our families and allow our children to reach their highest potential can be strengthened with this commitment and our capacity to provide better wages and benefits for our educators is increased.

This gift is a testament to the importance of leading by example, we hope that the Fuquas generosity leads others to partner and support our efforts! Be sure to check your mailbox or make a donation online today!

Thank you for your commitment to the Fannie Battle Day Home for Children!